Angie Smiling

Three Dog Bakery

Angie Castillo combined her passion for animals and strong business management skills to establish Three Dog Bakery in Lubbock.  Three Dog Bakery is a franchise which has been around since the late 1980s.  After realizing that there was an opportunity to establish a specialty pet store in Lubbock, Angie embraced the challenge and has achieved great success.  She has been in business since February 2015 and describes her experience as a business owner a being “Fun, but not easy.”

Three Dog Bakery is a specialty store that offers wholesome, all natural products for your dog including Banana Mutt Bread, Drooly Dream

Bars, and Woofie Pies, just to name a few.  She treats both pets and their owners as family.  From the time you walk into the store, the sweet smell of the gourmet treats mesmerizes your senses. Add to that, the music playing in the background and the inviting presence of Angie and her team, and you’ve got a memorable customer experience.

When asked about the SBDC’s role in her success, Angie states “It was a very vital and important role, starting with my counselor.  I walked in a little intimidated.  I had a plan and when I sat down and voiced it there was somebody on the other side who knew that it could transpire.  They walked me through all the questions that I had.  They gave me other things to look at because you think you know it all, but you don’t.  So, I’m very grateful to the SBDC.

For those seeking to open a business, Angie offers these words of advice, “If you think you know all the answers, go back and ask more questions.”