Healthy Meals To Go

The Healthy Alternative To Fast Food!

Pierce came to the SBDC with an idea and a plan.  However, he realized the need for assistance in streamlining the plan to fit the needs of the Lubbock community.  He spent about six months working with the SBDC to refine the plan and making sure that the numbers worked. He describes his experience in working with the SBDC as an “arduous process that was well worth it.”

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Healthy Meals To Go is it offers 100% gluten free, preservative free prepped meals under 500 calories.  With a go-getter mentality, Pierce made the decision to franchise the business to create opportunities for business owners in small cities. More recently, he opened his first franchise in Roswell, NM and has plans to expand to other markets in the West Texas Region and other states.

With the amazing success after the first six months of opening his first store in Lubbock, Healthy Meals To Go opened a second location in Lubbock.  Pierce states, “The success has been somewhat surprising and overwhelming.”  He gives merit to the SBDC for “grounding me in reality, which helped me prepare for the first 6 months to 2 years of opening my small business.”

As advice to other entrepreneurs, he says, “Do your research. It is great to have passion about something, but be realistic about what you’re doing.  It’ll take time and patience, but stick to your vision.  That vision is going to carry you through to success.”