7 Tips for a Productive Work Space

Where we work has a monumental impact on how we work. The ability to focus, create, and produce can all be linked back to our work environment. This means the design of our offices, whether working from the couch at home or from the company cubicle, is of supreme importance. This isn’t just about Feng Shui; this is about producing results.

To assist you in increased productivity, we’ve pulled together 7 tips to help you create the most productive work space possible–both physically and psychologically—that will help speed you down the road to success.

7 Tips for Creating a Productive Work Space

1. Lighting

Whether your work space is all your own or shared by many, adding better lighting to your personal space can help increase productivity and focus.

7 Tips for a Productive Work Space - lighting



2. Tables & Chairs

Ergonomic isn’t a trend gone by, but by striving for optimal comfort and being aware of how our bodies rest and move, selecting a great chair, or at the very least, adjusting computer and chair heights shouldn’t be ignored.

Productive Work Space - tables & chairs


3. Decrease Clutter to Increase Creation

A clean work space is a productive work space. Cleaning can be a procrastination tool, though, so it’s best to establish a routine for cleaning. Preferably, end the day with 5 or 10 minutes of filing papers and tidying up your area. The next day’s you will be grateful!

7 Tips for a Productive Work Space - clean the clutter



4. Temperature

Comfortably warm rooms seem to encourage productivity more than cold. But there is a line where the comfortably warm becomes faint-inducing. Dress accordingly and bring a professional sweater or blazer to layer for chilly office temps.

7 Tips for a Productive Work Space - temperature



5. Noise

We all have our preferred work noise levels–that may range from quiet to loud music. Regardless of your preference, headphones are the best way to control your noise intake.

7 Tips for a Productive Work Space - noise


6. Change it Up

Space variance not only may pump up your creativity, it’s also good for your work/life balance. Many businesses are becoming more open to allowing employees to work remotely on occasion.

7 tips for a productive work space - space variances



7. Room Color

A splash of color is better than no color. If you can’t paint the room, bring in some new work materials or an art print or something that brightens up your space.

7 tips for a productive work space - room color


For those of you ready to take the “whole wall plunge”, though, here’s a little insight into how each color can affect your mood and creativity. Good information to know before choosing your new hue!



Productivity is affected by many different factors. Whether you find yourself in the corporate world or in the company of your own home, start to take control of the potential distractions that can rob you of your peak performance.

So go ahead, leave those distractions by the wayside, spark that creativity and find yourself more productive than ever before.

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