Do you want to fire an employee?

Changes that affect Employers

Your secretary is late one hour yet again this morning and she still has not prepared the report that you have been asking her to do for the past week. As an employer the first solution that comes to mind is to fire her? While it seems like the best idea taking some time to reconsider and perform due diligence is the new recommendation. In years past if someone wasn’t performing their job, you fired them. Today it’s not that easy to fire an employee. The case of many employers is the same with so many past and new regulations. Speaking of, are up to date with the most recent ones?

  1. The definitions of Independent Contractor change, again.
  2. New Overtime Exemption Rules
  3. Treatment of Same Sex Spouses

While we are not attorneys we are heavily invested in the planning of any business. These new changes are going to affect all small businesses, the backbone of our economy. To make matters worse, a high number of small businesses don’t have a handbook for their employees. It’s a lot of writing I agree but it is now going to be more important than ever.  The Texas Workforce Commission has a great outline of topics an employer needs to consider when creating one. Take a look at it and start getting yours in place. It can help avoid an ugly suit case when you fire your secretary.

If you need help finding an outline or need a second pair of eyes to review it. Contact us, we can help.

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