5 Ways to Define the Social Media Manager Role

At some point, starting a business means expanding from a solo gig to hiring help. A social media manager–a good one–can do wonders for propelling your brand and building a community. It’s a dynamic role, and these are some of the essential skills and qualities to look for.


5 Ways to Define Your Social Media Manager Role

1) Create Custom Content & Graphics

Basic job skills for a social media manager include copywriting, creativity, and basic design/photography skills. Content should be crafted to engage users and then adapted for each social media platform. Rarely, if ever, should you post the same thing on each platform.

Social media content with an image gets 94% more views than a post without it. (Source)

Creating custom visuals and infographics is hugely valuable, even critical.

2) Analyze Data (and Use it!)

Social media marketing done well requires consistent data collection. From leads and engagement to timing and understanding the target community, digging in to the data is a major component of a successful social media manager.

3) Strategist

Whether your social media manager has a strong background in marketing or not, they should be able to take the all the data and use it to create social media strategies. The best are curious, creative, and data-driven. They should be able to draw intelligent insights from the data, but also should be willing to take inspired risks in their strategies. They should view this aspect of their job as fun!

4) Engagement

You could also see this as customer service. Responding to all feedback on social media–and timely–requires a certain poise. Handling complaints and negative posts is critical to maintaining a thriving online community presence. Being witty and professional in all your online engagement is helpful, too.

5) Trend Hound

The kind of person who always seems to know what is going on in the world could make a great social media manager, but it’s even better if they can think on their feet. The Oreo tweet heard ’round the world is possibly the most famous example of capitalizing on a trending topic that resulted in a viral social media post. Chiming in on trending topics (at all times of day/night) is an important part of building your presence.

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