Managing Remote Employees

Hiring remote employees, or “telecommuters,” and—the other side of that coin—working remotely, are concepts that are becoming more and more normalized in modern workplace environments. In addition to a growing freelance economy and “work flexibility” becoming a higher priority for many, smart companies are learning that hiring good help is always the smart thing to do […]

How To Break Bad Habits In Business

Some people crack their knuckles. Some have a sweet tooth. Some cuss. Some let the dishes pile up in the sink. We all have our bad habits, but most of them probably don’t affect our lives in any material way, or are balanced out by our beneficial characteristics. This is okay! It’s part of what […]

6 Ways to Rethink Work/Life Balance

There is a shift happening in our perception of work/life balance. America gets a lot of flack for our 60-80 hour work-weeks, (and we should). More work doesn’t equate better work. Every month, thousands of new parents realize the catch-22 of having a two-income household, where the extra income barely pays for daycare. Every month, […]

Strengthsfinder 2.0 – A Book About Building On Strengths

People enjoy taking self-assessment tests because the answers help them learn more about themselves. Some tests reveal things about one’s personality, behaviors, or habits. Other tests uncover tidbits about one’s IQ, how well he or she interacts with others or one’s career abilities. Tom Rath has written a test that will identify a person’s unique […]