5 Ways to Define the Social Media Manager Role

At some point, starting a business means expanding from a solo gig to hiring help. A social media manager–a good one–can do wonders for propelling your brand and building a community. It’s a dynamic role, and these are some of the essential skills and qualities to look for.

Advertising vs. PR Infographic

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between advertising and public relations, you are not alone. They seem so similar. They seem to overlap. So, what is the difference? We made an infographic to represent both sides.

5 Website Mistakes Made By Startups

Thinking about getting a website for your new business? Many startups make the same website mistakes and to redo the work is costly. A strong website will one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal and you should be careful not to jump into things without giving the following issues some serious thought. 5 […]

A Moving Target Market (Tricks for the Small Business Owner)

Owning a small business is never easy, even if the specific challenges facing business owners change all the time. The recession may have stabilized, but as consumers, we still have less discretionary income than we used to. Additionally, being a little tighter with personal spending (as opposed to constant splurging) is generally seen as a […]

4 Questions Small Businesses Ask About Web Presence

Small business owner? Well, you aren’t the only one asking these questions. Many small business owners wonder just how important web presence is to their brick and mortar. Technology is moving at high-speed; it’s easy to feel lost when it comes to the newest marketing methods.   I just paid for a new website 5 […]

Be the Authority in Your Business Niche

In short, one must be the authority in one’s field. By continually posting content that answers searcher’s queries, a company establishes its authority and wins the following it needs in it’s business niche. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, once remarked that information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. “I don’t think anybody can talk […]

5 Social Media Networking Tips

Networking is becoming less and less an in-person phenomenon. With casual social sites (Facebook, Twitter) and professional ones (LinkedIn), there is just no end to the ways you can connect with others online. Social media networking calls for many of the same skills that in-person networking does, if perhaps a little more diligence. Here are […]

Top 8 Business Infographics of 2015

In the past few years, three major shifts have created a massive change in the way businesses communicate online. The first shift came from adding blogging to websites; then from show to tell; then fully embracing visual tech growth in the medium of business infographics.

Small Business Trends in 2016

2016 is upon us. You don’t run a small business because it’s easy. Here are some key small business trends and developments that have been brewing and look to take center stage in 2016.   Small Business Trends in 2016 Workforce Changes People enter the workforce and people retire. This is a constant, but what is […]

How to create a culture in your business?

I had the chance to sit through one of Sam Silversteins, Inc Presentations this week and we worked on developing core values. The presentation was part of global entrepreneurship week events put together by the WT Enterprise Center.  I would love to share some of things that I learned. Do you ever see companies such as […]