SBDC FAQ - where do I get a tax number


All of the following are questions which business owners may need to consider. Depending on your particular type of business, how you sell your products or services, and your business operation, they may or not apply to you. The knowledgeable and qualified consultants at the Abilene SBDC will be able to help you determine the answers as they pertain to your business. Call 325.670.0300 to schedule a free confidential consultation and get the answers you need.

  • Where do I get a tax number?

  • Am I required to collect sales tax?

  • What legal structure am I required to use?

  • What’s the difference between sole proprietorships, general partnerships, and LLCs?

  • Do I need to file an assumed name form?

  • How do I know if someone else already has the business name I want to use?

  • Do I need a business license?

  • Can I do payroll and my business’ federal income tax return myself?

  • Can I classify my employees as contract labor in order to lower my business’ tax burden?

  • Is there anything the SBDC can’t do for me?