5 Things Making Your Business Look Unprofessional

Many people spend large amounts of time on creating a professional personal identity and then forget that the look of their company needs that same attention. You may have unwittingly caused your business to come off as unprofessional or at best, amateur.

Why do you wear a suit or a dress to work? Likely, it is because there is a certain expectation of professionalism induced by your co-workers, employees, or your boss. If you are the boss, you need to look the part. Dressing professionally is one piece of how you will gai1422381668004n respect from those around you. The same goes for your business’ website and social media. If you want to have a reputable website, it needs to be “dressed up” professionally.

5 Things Making Your Business Look Unprofessional

1. A Cluttered Website

A busy web space is a combination of the overuse of colors, images, and words. Keep things simple and clean for the best first impression. If a website is not pleasing to the eye right away, users will head a different direction in their search.

One way to test if your website is cluttered is to open the webpage and to see where your eye instinctively is drawn.  If your eye does not fix on a certain spot (or the spot that you want it to), a redesign may be in order. Your eye is searching for a point of focus and clutter deters it from knowing where it is supposed to go. The key is to figure out how to use different font sizes per importance and lessen the amount of decorations.

2. Outdated Content

Don’t be that company who posted on their Facebook page 11 months ago and hasn’t touched it since then. Social media upkeep needs to be a part of your regular routine. Not only is it a great marketing tool, it also shows consumers that you are up to date with the newest trends. Updating profile or cover photos on your social media every few months is important to keep all of your pages looking fresh.

Create a blog to consistently have updated content on your website. These posts will help you have information to post across all of your social media platforms.

3. Low Quality Images

Images are now a majority of social media and website content. Poor quality photos scream unprofessional! As far as your website, using high-res photos transforms your website from amateur to professional. The sharper your images are, the better.

Low-resolution images and images that have obviously been stretched to fit a certain screen look defective. Try using the Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet to design images that are the correct size for each social media platform.


4. Poorly Designed Logoprinciplesofeffectivelogodesign

Your logo is placed on everything: your website, social media pages, and any form of marketing communication. A well designed logo should work well universally. In order to stay professional, make your logo something that is readable and recognizable. Designing a fancy logo requires some know-how and a good eye. An unprofessional logo will kill your branding. Don’t be afraid to hire out!

You need to have a logo that you are proud to show off, because whether you like it or not, it’s going to be.

5. Inconsistent Fonts

Use of any more than three font families adds a cluttered look on your webpage. You need to chose what you want your fonts to be throughout the whole webpage and stick to that. Consistency is key.  Be sure to choose fonts that are similar to your logo and general branding.

Now that you have chosen the fonts, you need to be sure they mesh well together. Applying a modern sans serif with a traditional serif font is off balance. Try to select fonts that come from the same era. While it may seem a small piece of the bigger picture, it will dramatically update the way your website design looks.


Overall, your website and social media pages need to be as clean and consistent as possible. When people navigate to your pages, they are going to determine whether or not they are going to trust you.

Looking professional or “suiting up” doesn’t mean to you step outside your branding. It means your business and all of its extensions should look polished and savvy.

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