5 Ways to Find Wholesalers

  Starting a retail or service business? Looking to form relationships with wholesale suppliers? That task can be a challenge if you are just getting started because there are currently over 400,000¬†companies in the U.S. wholesale distribution industry. So as you can imagine, finding and forming trusted relationships with wholesalers takes time and research. So […]

Customer Loyalty as a Growth Predictor

Customer loyalty is important for its own sake, but one researcher has found that it is important for what it says about the future of your business enterprise. “Too many companies spend a ton of time and effort getting a customer to make a purchase, and then they just hope for the best,” says Jeff […]

Unleash Innovation with a Safe Space

Innovation is the lifeblood of industry. It can be the make-or-break ingredient that keeps a company in the game and distinguishes it from the competition. Meanwhile, lack of innovation can be a ticket to failure. A recent book from corporate coach Maxine Attong tells how employers can unleash innovation within their organization, while at the […]